The Girls Look So Young

Are London escorts too young? I have been checking out a couple of escort services in London to see if I could use them. The thing is that the girls who work for these escort services look really young, and I am not sure that it would be suitable for the kind of dating that I am looking for. What I really need to do is to find some London escorts who are a little bit more mature. Hopefully with a little bit of luck, I should be able to do so.


I have my own business in London and I would like to meet up with some escorts in London who could keep me and my business colleagues company during our functions and dinners. As I mainly do business in Japan, I have kind of got into having some female company during m business functions. It is so common in Japana and I am not sure how many Japanese friends would react if they could not meet up with some sexy females during their business functions in London.


When you start checking out London escorts, you soon appreciate that there are tons of escort agencies in London. As a matter of fact, I think that there are more escort agencies in London than there are in Japan. A couple of years ago it would not have been something that I though of but now I have been thinking about it a lot. One thing is for sure, the escort agencies in Tokyo offer an excellent service and I wonder if I will be able to find the same kind of service here in London.


Of course, the Japanese culture has the tradition of the geisha. I have thought about checking out if there are any Japanese girls who work as London escorts. That to me would be the perfect answer. Most people would like to meet someone from their own culture, and I can see where they are coming from. I guess if I had a chance to date an English escort in Tokyo, I would love to do just that. But then again, most Japanese girls do speak English these days.


I also think that many of my colleagues would be a bit confused about dating styles in London. In  Tokyo most girls turn up at your hotel or restaurant that you are eating in. They keep you company for dinner and they move on. I like the idea of that and I am not sure that I would even be able to explain the meaning of things like BDSM. If one of my friends asked me if I had tried BDSM with a girl from London escorts,  would have to say no. I know what Japanese people are like, it could be something that many of them would like. Above all, I do think that most London escorts I have seen, look very young and that does worry me a little bit.

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